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Sensitizing Drivers through quarterly workshops during which data, reports, strategies, and policies are disseminated in formats easily understood to them. Feedback from drivers collected in these workshops is availed to all public transport stakeholders for road safety improvement.

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Our Purpose

SCI Smart City Development Initiative Limited was founded in 2019 with the objective developing and implementing smart interventions and strategies intended to reduce road crashes and improve road safety awareness and vigilance.

This includes the following specific objectives:

  1. To develop and implement smart road safety strategies
  2. To promote road safety awareness amongst drivers, passengers, and pedestrians through periodic sensitization and training

3. To research and advocate for safe roads and safe vehicles through smart evidence-based recommendations and policy frameworks.

4. To enhance compliance with road safety rules and regulations and minimize penalties and convictions for traffic offenses through community sensitization.

Our Achievements

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Our Work

We have been collaborating with the D-Prize Organization in the United States of America which provided funds to create road safety awareness in the Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area (GKMA). More than 60% of road crashes and related deaths occur in the GKMA. We have established working partnerships with the management and leaders in all major taxi parks and numerous boda-boda stages in and around Kampala. The taxi parks include the Old Taxi Park, New Taxi Parks, Usafi Taxi Park, Kisenyi Taxi Park, Namayiba Taxi Park, Namirembe Road Taxi Park, and Natete Taxi Park.

Our Workshops

We have conducted road safety awareness workshops for taxi and boda-boda drivers in each of the taxi parks and more have been scheduled every quarter to constantly remind them of their role in ensuring the safety of passengers and other road users.

Material Distribution

We have distributed reflector jackets and placed stickers in all taxis in the above-mentioned taxi parks and on thousands of boda-bodas around Kampala City. The reflector jackets and stickers contain evocative messages aimed at empowering passengers to speak up to their drivers in the event of dangerous driving and also to remind drivers of their responsibility to ensure the safety of passengers and other road users.

Our Collaborations

We are working with the Uganda Traffic Police who provide us with road crash data for analysis and review of our road safety strategies and messages. We are working with several schools .

Our Strategies

SCI Smart City Development Initiative Limited conducts specialized road safety training and sensitization for three categories of road users: drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. The training and sensitization for drivers is done under the management and leadership of the different associations for drivers of passenger vehicles, lorries, and private cars. For passengers and pedestrians, mass media, social media, public address systems mounted on moving vehicles, stickers, billboards, and other avenues are used to convey road safety messages.

More of Our Strategies

We enhance the monitoring of compliance and reporting non-compliance to road safety regulations and guidelines by designing a better software application for use by road users in reporting to Uganda Traffic Police any breach of the regulations and guidelines, including capturing video of those involved in reckless and careless driving, lane indiscipline, crashes, among others. Furthermore, we map out and regularly update and report black spots and pot-holed sections of roads to increase road safety vigilance by users around those sections and to alert the relevant authorities where road signs need to be placed or road repairs need to be done. 

We advocate for: increased expenditure on road safety awareness by the central and local governments, training and issuance of driving licenses for boda-boda riders, punitive punishments for errant drivers, proper lighting and visibility of road signs especially around black spots, and continue with our research about the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in road crash detection, reporting, and analysis in Uganda.

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