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    SCI Smart City Development Initiative Limited is an NGO that develops, promotes and scales-up cost-effective interventions to improve road safety.

    Smart Cities
  • Road Safety

    Proven sticker model to reduce reckless driving and road traffic crashes.
    Road Safety
  • Sticker Model

    SCI Smart City Development Initiative Limited is implementing the proven sticker model to reduce Road Traffic Crashes (RTCs) within the Great Kampala Metropolitan Area (GKMA) and other cities in Uganda.

    Sticker Model

    About Us

    Smart City Development Initiative Uganda (SCI-Ug) is a non-profit NGO founded in 2019. With the support of international and local donor agencies and organizations, we develop, implement, and scale smart data-and-technology driven solutions to urban challenges in the transport, environment, education, and public health sectors. SCI-Ug collaborates with international and local organizations, governments, urban authorities, and community associations or groups.


    Smart Cities

    Public Health

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    Research & Development

    Transport Sector

    Our goal in the transport sector is to reduce road crashes and deaths. We focus on changing people’s attitudes toward safe road user behavior, including adhering to speed limits, wearing helmets and seatbelts, and avoiding drunk driving.

    Our approach involves passenger empowerment, driver sensitization, timely road crash data analysis and dissemination, and road safety research.

    Why Speak Up?

    According to the annual crime police report of 2021, out of the 4,159 fatalities recorded nationwide in 2021, approximately 46% were by passenger motorcycles (boda-boda) and approximately 53% were by light, medium, and heavy omnibus plus boda-bodas. The major cause was risk behavioral factors like speeding, careless driving, reckless driving, under influence of drugs/drinks, overloading, over speeding, and careless pedestrians. Therefore, our project’s strategy is targeting the implementation of policy around these risk behaviours, especially among drivers of public transport means like taxis and boda-bodas which are the major contributors to road crashes, deaths, and injuries.

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    Meet Our Team

    The management team of SCI-Ug is made up of experts in technology, engineering, social work, and art with extensive experience implementing smart city projects.

    Yusuf Kyambadde

    Yusuf Kyambadde

    Director (BSc., MSc.)
    Sharon Bayiga Natukunda

    Sharon Bayiga Natukunda

    Co-Founder (BA., MA.)
    Stephen Kalyesubula

    Stephen Kalyesubula

    Project Liaison Officer (BSc., MSc.)

    Our Partners

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